Mouth Guard

Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are dental devices made out of plastic that are closely adapted to fit over your teeth. A mouth guard protects your teeth, tongue, gums and cheeks from trauma caused by teeth grinding or sports injuries.


Mouth guard is needed if you:

  • Grind teeth (bruxism), wearing a mouth guard at night can prevent teeth damage
  • Play a contact sport like basketball, football, lacrosse, hockey or soccer that increases the risk of a hit to the face to minimize injuries
  • Takes part in noncontact sports or activities with a high fall risk, like ice skating, gymnastics or biking.

Custom-fitted mouth guard:

At Modern Denture Clinic, we use a mold (impression) of your teeth to custom-make a mouth guard that comfortably fits your teeth and mouth. Custom-fitted mouth guards provide the best fit and protection. A custom mouth guard will be made specifically for your needs, whether it is for protection from trauma during athletic competition or for use at night if you grind your teeth. A custom guard fitted by us is the highest quality and does the best job at protecting your teeth and mouth by staying in place and providing a comfortable fit.


Benefits of wearing a mouth guard:


Repairing or replacing missing teeth can be costly and painful. Wearing a mouth guard during athletic activities can help you avoid:

  • Chipped or lost teeth.
  • Nerve damage to a tooth.
  • Soft-tissue damage to lips, gums, tongue and inside cheeks.

How do I care for a mouth guard?


Mouth guards pick up bacteria from your mouth. Be sure to clean the teeth very well before putting a mouth guard in. To clean your mouth guard:

  • Don’t expose the mouth guard to extreme heat, such as direct sunlight or hot water. Heat can cause it to warp and change shape.
  • Keep the mouth guard in a sturdy, vented plastic case when not in use or when traveling to sports and activities.
  • Rinse your mouth guard in cool water and use a brush and soapy water to clean it after each use. Let it air dry.
  • Store the mouth guard out of reach of dogs and other pets.

How long do mouth guards last?

Depending on how frequently you use your mouth guard and how much “wear and tear” it takes, a custom-fitted mouth guards can last several years with proper care. It is recommended that an athletic mouth guard be replaced every 2 to 3 years for adults and every season for children.


Over-the-counter mouth guards aren’t as durable. You may need to replace them every few months. Children and teens may need to replace mouth guards more often as their teeth and mouth grow.

Are there upper and lower mouth guards?

Most mouth guards for sports fit the upper teeth. These teeth stick out more than bottom teeth, putting them at risk for impact. If you have braces, we recommend a lower mouth guard as well.

Can someone with braces or dental implants wear a mouth guard?

Mouth guards help protect teeth, braces, dental implants and dental bridges from damage. Custom fitted mouth guards work best. They fit the unique shape of the braces or implants.

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