Immediate Denture

Immediate Denture

Immediate dentures are removable dentures that are placed in mouth immediately after extraction surgery on the same date. Prior to your teeth extraction, at Modern Denture will take impressions and measurements necessary to fabricate your immediate dentures so they can be placed on the day of surgery. Immediate dentures are commonly used as temporary transitional dentures, once the healing process is completed permanent reline or a new denture will be fabricated.

Why an Immediate Denture may be necessary?

Immediate dentures are excellent alternative to being without your teeth because your smile is restored directly after your extraction surgery. Immediate dentures will aid healing process as they protect the sensitive gum tissue at the extraction sites. The dentures act as a bandage to control swelling and bleeding.

How long does it take to fabricate Immediate Dentures?

To fabricate immediate dentures approximately one week is required in our in house lab.

How long the healing process does take?

The results and length of healing time may vary considerably due to many factors. Some of these factors are: your general health (e.g. diabetes, immune system diseases), nutrition, age, and the condition of your teeth and oral tissues prior to extractions. Healing may take a few weeks to several months. Book your free consultation at Modern Denture for more information.

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