Complete Denture

Complete Denture

Customized dentures can restore your smile and improve function of eating and speaking.


Proper digestion and nutrition are critical to your overall health. When you are unable to chew your food effectively because of missing natural teeth, or you have excessively worn dentures, your quality of life is affected. Dentures can be the solution; at Modern Denture we can guide you to determine the ideal option.


Complete or full dentures are replacing all missing teeth in a full arch either upper, lower, or both. Complete dentures are customized to each individual to restore function of eating and speaking and improve your smile. Dentures are held by suction to the gum and are removable by the denture wearer for easy cleaning. Dentures are made of acrylic. At Modern Denture, your denture is handcrafted at our in house lab to deliver your smile.

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