Replacing your natural teeth is more than trusting someone with your smile…your appearance, your self-confidence – your whole image is at stake. Make sure you entrust this delicate task to a specially trained professional! At Modern Denture Clinic, we are an expert in the design, construction, insertion and adjustment of removable dentures, and implant dentures. Expertise, meticulousness and professionalism make Denturists the best possible choice to help you derive the maximum benefit from dental prosthetics technology. There is no middleman in the fabrication of your new denture – Modern Denture has a in house laboratory to produce your personalized dentures At Modern Denture Clinic we are denture specialized and we are best possible choice for denture solutions.


Your dentures will not last indefinitely. The denture teeth and base will wear and stain over time. The tissues of the mouth are undergoing continual change so that the dentures will have to be adjusted, relined or remade from time to time. Dentures are no different than other dental/medical devices or prostheses, they require regular maintenance.The amount of time will vary and depend upon such factors as individual tolerances, habits and the length of time you have had dentures. The average life of a denture is about five to seven years. At modern Denture clinic we are sensitive to your well-being and to the general condition of your dentures. We also have the experience and expertise to advise you on the best treatment plan for you and how to proceed.


Yes, your dentures and tissues should be checked annually. Damage to the oral tissues can take place without you being aware of it. Early detection and elimination of tissue inflammation is important to minimize shrinkage of the supporting bone and tissue. By keeping the tissue healthy, your dentures will continue to fit correctly. Your Denturist will also check for looseness of the denture due to tissue changes, stains and calculus deposits on the denture, and your bite position (how evenly your teeth close together). It’s not the dentures which change over time; it’s your mouth which is continually changing. At Modern denture Clinic, we check your oral condition continuously; so you are able to enjoy all the benefits of a well-fitting quality denture.


Denturists are independent professionals, licensed and trained to provide removable denture prosthetic services directly to the public. A denturist is a licensed professional specialized in creating, inserting, and repairing removable full or partial dentures and implant dentures.
Remember, you don’t need a referral to see your Denturist!

What's the best way to care for removable dentures?

Removable partial or full dentures require proper care and special handling to keep them clean, free from stains and looking their best. For good denture care:

  • Remove and rinse dentures after eating. Run water over your dentures to remove food debris and other loose particles
  • Before cleaning your denture, place a towel on the counter or in the sink or put some water in the sink so the dentures won’t break if you drop them
  • Handle your dentures gently, be sure not to bend or damage the plastic or the clasps when cleaning your partial denture
  • Clean your mouth after removing your dentures. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush on natural teeth and a soft toothbrush to clean your tongue, cheeks and roof of your mouth (palate)
  • Remove and gently clean your dentures daily by brushing them with a soft-bristled brush and gentle dish soap to remove food, plaque and other deposits
  • Never use tooth paste or bleach on your dentures, as they can affect the integrity of your dentures


If you use denture adhesive:

  • Remove any remaining denture adhesive from your gums
  • Clean the grooves that fit against your gums to remove any remaining adhesive

Soak dentures overnight in denture cleaning solution; follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and soaking solutions

Dentures need to stay moist to keep their shape

Rinse dentures thoroughly before putting them back in your mouth, especially if using a denture-soaking solution.


Since all the insurance policies are different, we will reach out to your insurance provider to determine if your insurance policy will cover denture services. We can also submit claims on your behalf. For patients with dental insurance or coverage through OW/ODSP/NIHB program, we are required to send an estimate first before any denture work is started and we collect your eligible amount covered by your plan by your provider once the dentures are completed.

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